Wednesday, 3 February 2016

How to Effectively Use Remarketing (Infographic)

It seems that each year that passes brings some new forms of advertising that marketers can add as another tool in their arsenal.
These past few years have brought native advertising to the mainstream, which comedian John Oliver analyzed this past August:
Native advertising has taken hold online. Here’s an example from Buzzfeed:
This native advertising happens offline as well. You’ll find it in newspapers, magazines and hear it on the radio (it’s sneaky).
The web has also exploded with the growth of exit intent popups. Hover your mouse near the top of the browser to close or switch a tab and out of nowhere comes a near full page ad asking the visitor for something before they leave – typically an email address. Here’s an example, courtesy of
In recent years we have also seen the growth of retargeting. This purpose of this is to advertise to people who have previously visited a specific site.
For example, let’s say you visit today, place a few items in your cart, and leave. A few days later you’re browsing and see an Amazon advertisement with the products you put in your cart. You can then click the ad and are directed back to Amazon, and complete your purchase.
Sound like a new channel you’d like to test? Neil Patel of Quick Sprout has created an infographic to help you out. Whether you’re just diving into retargeting or have been around the block a few times and want a refresher on some of the principles.
How to Effectively Use Remarketing to Increase Your Revenue
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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