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How To Magnify Your Adsense Earnings With This Simple Trick

Hey friends!! I am so super excited to share this information on how YOU can magnify your earnings with Google AdSense. Like seriously pee my pants excited! Since I started this blog I have had every intention on doing some blogging posts for my blogger friends but I wanted to make sure I knew what I was talking about before I did anything with it. Over the past year I have been learning, studying, reading, testing, and doing!
I cant wait to share all of the info I have learned along the way and the things I continue to learn. I hope you are as excited as I am right now, ok…I have to admit I am also a little nervous (i’ll bite my nails while you read!)!
So without further ado, I am going to show you this simple trick to promote specific posts that will help you maximize your AdSense earnings! It’s a lot of info so bare with me!
TWO THINGS to get started.
1. Make sure you Google AdSense is linked with your Google Analytics. If you have not done that yet you can find out how to do it here. It takes up to 24 hours for Google to link them so just pin this and come back tomorrow, I’ll wait right here for you
2. Open your Google Analytics. This is where we are going to be working from.
Once your Analytics is open look for the “Behavior” bar in the left hand column and click it.
How to increase your adsense earnings
Once you click it look for “AdSense” and click that. If you do not see “AdSense” under Behavior that means you are not linked.
How to make money with adsense 2
Now click on “AdSense Pages”.
how to make money with google adsense 3
I have to bleep out the earnings per Google’s requirements, but you see all of the links listed there, this is what you need.
how to make money with adsense 7
Go to the top of the screen and change your date to show a longer time frame if you would like a full report of your top earning posts.  I forgot to do this for the next image so you are only seeing for the past month. But it serves the same purpose.
How to make money with adsense 5
Lets break down what you are seeing on this screen a bit. Just in case you are Google stupid like I was when I started!
Page Impressions: This is how many times the page was seen.
AdSense Impressions: how many times the ads were seen on that page. IE: if you have 3 ads running on a page that means that for 1 page impression 3 ads have a chance to be seen.
Clicked Ads: how many times your ad on that page was clicked on
Page CTR: The click-thru rate as a %, showing you the percent of people who came to that page and actually clicked an ad
Page eCPM: This is what we are looking for today! It shows you how valuable your page is!! This shows what your earnings are for every 1,000 views.
Earnings: This is exactly how much you have earned. WAHOO!!
Any questions?? Lets use this information to make you more money with AdSense.
Now lets look at lines 2-10 from our earnings viewpoint. Line 1 is important too but for this we are going to skip it. You will understand why later. The links are in order from highest paid to lowest. You cant tell from my screen because its bleeped out, but on your screen you will notice that. If for some reason its not showing your earnings in that order, just click he little arrow beside “AdSense Earnings” until it is.
On line 2 my post “Make money posting guides” has raked in the most amount of money for the month. Why? Well because it is being viewed quite frequently and my eCPM (earnings for 1,000 views) is decent. More visitors=more earnings. Even if they don’t click on an ad it will bring in money for every 1,000 views.
So what does this information mean? It means that by promoting these already high earning posts, you will start to see an increase in revenue! So guess what I am going to do…start promoting this post like a mad woman! I will share it on pinterest more, I will share it on twitter more, and I will start making more money because I am going to make sure this post is in everyone’s face!!
Now, look at line 4. My “About Me” page has an INSANELY high eCPM like over $300 for every 1,000 views. I have no idea why, but how exciting is that. The bad part is that its not really something I think I will promote that much on pinterest or other social media platforms…BUT I will start to add a “New Start Here” link in posts or on my menu bar, or maybe in my side bar. Either way I want people to now find out about me because it will increase my earnings. Apparently the Google gods really like my “About Me” page. I don’t blame them, I am pretty awesome hehe.
Ok so let’s switch it up. We want to find out what pages/posts are going to make us the most amount of money. This is where the real fun begins. Look at your “AdSense eCPM” and click the words until the arrow shows up and it lists your urls in order from highest eCPM to lowest. The eCPM changes, so I like to check my stats for the month when it comes to promoting high earning eCPM posts/pages.
Magnify your earnings with Adsense using this simple trick!
Now you can see that my url’s changed and my “About Me” moved up to second and my post on my “holiday open house” is my highest eCPM right now.  So now I will also be promoting this page somewhat. Since it is not relevant to this season its hard to make people want to read it, but my local friends and town would be interested since it is about my shop. The clicks are not high on these posts, but hopefully by promoting them more they will increase. Because one click on these posts/pages will bring in more money than 15 clicks on other pages!!
I bet you just fell out of your chair!! I know I did when I figured out this trick!! It has quadrupled my earnings and has allowed me to focus on promoting specific posts for the month, leaving me less scatterbrained! Ba Bam! I take thank you’s in forms of lots of page views hahaha. Just kidding……kinda..hehe!!!
Added bonus: Check your “AdSense Referrers” while you are here. This is a great way to see where some high paying traffic is coming from. I was shocked that Facebook was my highest earner for the month, because it is one of my lowest forms of traffic. I also found a few blogs that I linked up with (at link parties) that were bringing me lots of high paying traffic. So I mental noted (that’s a thing) these blogs and will promote my high value posts at their link parties! This means that if the clicks from their blogs continue, and they come to my already high earning posts, I will make more money even if they don’t click any ads!
Takeaway: Check your AdSense stats in Google Analytics and promote your highest paid posts/pages AND the posts/pages with the highest eCPM to maximize your earnings with Google AdSense!
There is going to be a second part to this post within the next week so stay tuned for more blogging goodies!
Have fun and I hope this helps! Let me know if you notice an increase in your earnings like I did!
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