Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Affiliate Marketing Myths Debunked

Affiliate Marketing is surrounded by myths and misconceptions that might scare you away. Here are some of the most common affiliate marketing myths you may come across. 

Myth Number 1: Affiliate Marketing is Easy / Affiliate Marketing is Too Hard

People are often under the impression that Affiliate Marketing will either make you rich overnight or, zap your savings for little in return. The truth is actually somewhere in-between. You won’t make a million dollars in your first day, but if you start your Affiliate Marketing career sensibly there is nothing to stop you from making a steady income from Affiliate Marketing.
Setting up as an Affiliate will take hard work and it will take time, but if you invest your time and efforts in your Affiliate Marketing, research and try different methods then you will see the results you deserve.
There are lots of programs available that claim to help you make money as an Affiliate, either by automating different aspects of Affiliate Marketing or offering tools that you can use. Lots of the claims can be tempting and very well put together, so you should do your research into the different methods that you would like to use, this will help you to decide whether or not you actually need a product that you are being sold.
Some things you do won’t work, other things you try will work a treat. The trick is to not view ‘failure’ as a full stop and instead learn to analyse what you’ve done and think of ways to build on the steps that have potential and develop them until you see results.
Myth Number 2: Affiliates are Scammers and Spammers
Sadly, as with so many other things, a small minority can tarnish the reputation of a whole group.
Email marketing is not spamming, Affiliates who use email marketing will send newsletters targeted towards people who have actively subscribed to receive updates from the Affiliate and each email should contain a working unsubscribe method that the recipient can follow if they no longer wish to receive information from that Affiliate. Most Networks, ClickSure included, do not tolerate spamming and will take action against Affiliates who have been found to spam.
There are hundreds of thousands of Affiliates promoting online and at some point it’s likely you’ve placed an order online through an Affiliate link without even realising. The majority of Affiliate Marketers are hard-working business men and women who follow good practices.
Myth Number 3: Your Blog or Website won’t Convert Easily to Affiliate Marketing
You can include an opt in form for visitors to receive updates on the topics covered on your site easily; when you send out email newsletters to your subscribers, you can occasionally include an Affiliate link. For example this could be a ‘Featured Product’ that you think your subscribers might find useful. Alternatively, you can use dead space on your site to include adverts or banners.
Myth Number 4: All the Good Niches are Gone
Whilst some niches are becoming quite saturated, there is still potential to make money in any niche – whether you choose to pick a popular niche or an otherwise unexplored niche. Both types have their benefits, for example popular niches are proven to work but have more competition whereas smaller, less explored niches have lower competition but still have potential customers ready to purchase products related to the niche.
Myth Number 5: Offers that Pay the Most are the Best to Promote
Offers that convert best are the offers that are often the ones you should pick to promote. You can use the statistic ‘EPC’, or earnings per click, to gauge how well an offer converts. The EPC reflects how much you, as an Affiliate, can expect to earn for each click you send to an offer.
For example, you may find an offer in your niche that pays out $250 per sale or action with an EPC of $1.50 but you may also find a different offer that pays out $50 with an EPC of $2.50. In this case it would make more sense for you to send traffic to the product with the lower pay out.
You should always ensure that you research any offers that you are considering to promote as this will help you to target your traffic and maximise your earning potential.
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