Friday, 6 February 2015

Twitter Marketing: 9 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make

Mistakes are the integral part of our learning. But we can only learn from our mistakes when we recognize them.
If there's no one to tell us we're doing it wrong, we might waste tons of our precious time repeating the same mistake over and over again till we realize what's going on.
That's exactly my story of learning Twitter Marketing. I tried every single tactic that I could find online. I hired virtual assistants to help me and spent money on premium tools, but my traffic from Twitter just won't grow.
However years of trial and error made me realize my mistakes and focus only on a few things that really matter. So today I want to share with you 10 mistakes that you should avoid if you want to be successful on Twitter.

1. Blowing your own trumpet

Twitter is big, with more than 271 million active users, there’s a good chance that there are many who will fall into your “target audience” category. 
So, it’s easy to get carried away, and think, here’s my chance to shine. Let’s join Twitter, and start sharing my content and blog posts with all of them and watch them flock to my blog?

The only problem is, all those people on Twitter are not there to be bestowed with each and every page you create on your website or blog. 
It’s alright if you are sharing some of your best content, special offers, or sweepstakes every once in a while, but you must be sharing information, news, and content from other sources as well.

2. Being inconsistent

You need to keep your target audience in mind all the time. One or two off-topic tweets might not hurt, but the major part of your tweets and activity should be relevant to your target audience. 
For someone to follow you on Twitter, he/she needs to be able to relate with your tweets and see some value in following you. Stay focused, and try to stay on topic, or you might lose their attention in next to no time.

3. Not motivating others to tweet

If you are the only person sharing your content on Twitter, that’s not going to take you very far. You want your content to spread, and for that you need others to talk about your website and share the links. That's actually the fundamental part of Twitter Marketing.

One of the best ways to lure them into sharing your content on Twitter is to provide them with short and simple ideas that they care share. So, you are making a big mistake, if you are not providing your readers with "tweetable quotes" from the post.

Tweetable quotes are short, intelligent messages that they can share by simply clicking on the link. To create a Tweetable quote, you can use a Wordpress plugin called Tweetdis (or the ClickToTweet online service, if you're looking for a free option).

4. Overusing hashtags

Hash tags can help you reach out to new audiences who are interested in a certain topic, especially when the topic is related to your niche or target market.
But while you need to make the most of hash tags, that doesn’t mean you should try to cram as many hashtags as possible in a single tweet. That may look pushy and needy (and sometimes even silly).

These are 140 characters that we are talking about, so one hashtag will more than suffice in most cases.

5. @-mentioning people the wrong way

When you start your tweet by mentioning someone, it means that only the person, or someone who is following both you and that person will see the tweet.
If that’s what you were intending to achieve, then there’s nothing wrong with using this function, but in most cases, it’s better to use the mention somewhere in between the tweet to make sure your tweet is visible to all of your followers.

6. Buying Twitter followers

This mistake is actually self explanatory. Followers should not be bought, they should be earned.  
Buying hundreds and thousands of followers might help you come across as an authority, but it can never result in any kind of sales, leads, engagement, or even visitors to your website, so that’s pretty much good for nothing.

Moreover, when people see that you have tens of thousands of followers and none of them is retweeting you or favoriting your tweets - they will understand you're just trying to fool them.

7. Not being responsive

It’s easy to respond to everyone mentioning you in a tweet, or thanking the users who are sharing your content if you don’t have many followers, but it can become quite cumbersome as your network grows. 
However, totally ignoring the people who are trying to engage with you is not the way to go. You need to respond and take part in discussions every once in a while.

8. Not using Images

Twitter has added a few cool features last year, like tagging people or including up to four images in a tweet.
Needless to say, a picture can be a lot more engaging as compared to simple words or a link. You are making a big mistake, if you are not using the power of images in your Twitter marketing campaign.

9. Lack of Enthusiasm

It doesn’t matter if you think of Twitter or Facebook to be a complete waste of time, deep down in your heart. As long as your target audience loves the medium, you need to get on with the social media marketing job wholeheartedly.
Stop sounding like a robot, or even worse, a naysayer, or troll. You might manage to get some attention, but it’s of no use. People like to be friend and hang out with helpful and positive people, so your posts should be brimming with positivity.

Social networking platforms like Facebook or Twitter are free to use, but your time is priceless. And while the mistakes are pretty much part and parcel of the job, what actually sets successful marketers apart from the not-so-successful ones is the ability to identify and then rectify these mistakes.
Good luck with your Twitter Marketing, guys!

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